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SNAZZYCHIC is passionate and committed to excellence and continuously inspired and teach people to explore their authentic self and express their personal beauty within by focusing on their appearance, communication and behaviour.

The concept of "Image" reflects our personal uniqueness and authenticity; the first impressions as well as the lasting impressions. Our personal image is the sum of all the things that distinguish us from others.
- Snazzy

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Develop unique Wardrobe that will project the person who you really are through your personality, style and body type.

Attract success through personalizing your wardrobe with your unique palettes that will enhance your facial features and reflect a harmonizing & appealing look. This palette can be applied for make up selection, living space or any other situation where colour plays an essential role.

Review current seasonal wardrobe determining what flatters your figure what does not & strategically choose what should be kept, alternated, sold or given away. Create a plan based on findings from all previous assessments for effortless shopping.

Infuse your closet with joy & harmony replacing clutter with simplicity, coordination and attraction.

Enjoy easy and fun shopping applying the theory into practice. Pre-shopping is available.

Succeed in your personal and business life with proper Etiquette


Snezana, I so enjoyed working with you yesterday.
You have such great sensitivity and skill and I am honoured and privileged to have experienced it.
Thank you so much.

Catherine Bell, AICI CIP
President, Prime Impressions

Colour and Colour harmony are one of my passions. And as a French woman, stylish clothing is in my culture. When Snezana presented me her services, I was curious to see what the Colour analysis would do for me, my style and my clothing. I was not sure I would get something more... To my surprised, I learned a lot about the colour pallets that suit my face, my skin color, my hair etc... I realized that I looked great in colours I would never wear before or not so good in ones that I have in my wardrobe. I realized that I looked like a none in crisp white and dull in black... what a surprise! Now shopping is such a pleasure and so much fun!

Not wasting any more time and money looking for every colour under the rainbow. Instead, now when shopping, I go directly to those sections with my "Wow" colours. Thank you Snezana, you opened my eyes to another dimension.
I recommend your services to anyone!

Laure A.

Snezana, I feel the need to express myself because of such transformation inside. It was a blessing meeting you!

It feels so good being in your company. Your great sense of humor put me at ease. You are very loving and sweet woman and know how to treat people very, very well.

You have no idea of what you did for me throughout the process of Colour Analysis. I am so happy that I found my personal colors. Now I feel confident to wear any of those colors that are in my pallets that I’ve been rejecting to wear for most of my life. There are so many women that will appreciate and benefit your services and your talent. I can’t wait to spread the world out. Uaaaauu!

Lais Vescia de Azambuja

I had no idea that “the right Colors” could do that. My jaw lift, my skin was evenly toned; my eyes brighter, even my teeth were whiter & enhanced my smile. My whole face lit up. My confidence lifted! It was pretty amazing to see. The right colors are everything to a look, but it’s more than just about the look, “not only do the right colors bring life to the look, they bring life to the person.

“And that’s what accessories can do to a look,” Snazzy said as we looked at the photos. I couldn’t believe it was me! I was looking like a million dollars & I was wearing a hat. A hat! I loved hats. I always admired vintage sophisticated woman in their hats, but I had never looked good in a hat before so thought maybe hats were just not for me. Not until Snazzy thought me how to look for the right colors, style, textures & patterns that harmonize my persona.

Snazzy gave me a French look & a Russian look, I was stunning! And to think we literally put those looks together for less than $100 & here I was looking like a million dollars. Leave it to Snazzy to make you look & feel like a million dollars on a budget. It was a memorable fun day out. Even if Snazzy taught me all there is to know about my Colour pallets, shopping for my body type, life style and personality, I would still take her with me. I just totally love her!

I was worried to feel “exposed” without my make-up on. But see, Snazzy has a way about her, of making you feel beautiful the way you are. I have never met anyone like her. She is one of my best friends now. She is gentle & loving & just totally fabulous at what she does. She is a great teacher & has a remarkable eye for detail & beauty. She walks the walk; you never catch her not looking “refined”! I feel so blessed to have met her. I have no doubt Snazzy is the best Image consultant in the World. She combines the beauty of her soul & passion for her gift in the most … I can’t find words for it. You will see what I mean the minute you meet her!

NicaKan, Life Coach, Founder & CEO of L.A.C.I Ministry